Warranty Service Request For Eames® Lounge Chair

If your product is still under warranty, you’ll need to provide the Product Number, FO number, and Manufacture date in order to submit this request.

You can find this information on the manufacturing label, which is typically affixed to the underside of a chair's seat. Since labels evolve over time, we've provided several examples here to show where you can find the necessary information on the label.

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    Aeron®AE123AWB AJ G1 BB BK 3D01
    Ambi®AM123 A AS BU HW T1 U6 BU 9212
    Caper®WC111P MS ZM C7 SY
    Celle®CJ123AFFC AJ G1 BB 3G 3G BK ( 8Mxx ) - upholstered seats / backs only
    Eames® LoungeES 67071 OU 258
    Embody®CN122AWAA XT 91 BB 3502
    Ergon 3®EE122AB N4 BU JC T1 FB BK 3N15
    Equa 2®EN123ABS N2 BU BC T1 BK ( Tlxx ) - upholstered seats / backs only
    Mirra®MR122 AAM AJ G1 BB ZM ZT 3Q01
    Reaction®RE10FBB HW BK AT ( 9281 ) - upholstered seats / backs only
    Setu®CQ51M A 98 L7 BB 8X01
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